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Women's UVU Tryouts

By UAHA, 04/22/19, 6:45AM MDT



April 15, 2019

Special Invitation to Utah Female Hockey Players:

I would like to formally invite you to attend the TRYOUTS for the UTAH VALLEY UNIVERSITY WOLVERINES LADIES HOCKEY TEAM. Per the attached Flyer, Tryouts will be on May 17 and 18. In addition to the hockey agenda, we will have a Campus Tour at 3:00 pm on Friday May 17th. Please make sure to let me know if you are interested in a guided tour of the campus.

You are receiving this letter of invitation if you are a Utah Female Hockey Player in High School, playing for the U19 or U16 Lady Grizzlies, or Utah Lightning (Grade 9 or above). Even though you must be a graduating senior to be eligible to play for UVU this year, it will be a great opportunity to get involved with the College programs in Utah for when you are ready to play at this level.

As you probably already know, the UVULW hockey team recently completed its trial year towards seeking full admittance to the American Collegiate Hockey Association Division 1women’s organization. I am pleased to announce that, based on our success this year versusWomen’s Collegiate hockey programs, we have recently been formally granted approval tobegin play in the ACHA D1 and to become members of the Western Women’s Collegiate HockeyLeague (WWCHL) effective this upcoming 2019/20 season.

We are very excited to begin a long and successful tradition of Women’s Hockey at Utah ValleyUniversity. This upcoming season will be an historic one for Lady’s athletics in Utah, since it will be the first year Utah will officially have women’s college hockey in the State. We invite you to come and be part of history!!


Joining the UVULW hockey team has several unique and important advantages versus becoming part of a more established program:

  1. There are many more positions available for new recruits – players needed at all positions. More established teams are only looking to replace their Senior Class and hence would be looking for a handful of new recruits (perhaps 4-6 players typically).

  2. You will have the opportunity to play a key on-ice role immediately – rather than“paying your dues on the bench” for a year or two. Since we do not have a full class of returning players, new players will be required to step up to the plate and take on key

roles that would normally be reserved for the upper classmen. If this is a challenge you would enjoy, UVU is the right place for you.

  1. The team has demonstrated an ability to be competitive immediately, despite the challenges of being a new program - I am very pleased and proud to report our team compiled an 8 Wins / 2 Loss record against intercollegiate competition this past season. That included a 3 Wins / 1 Loss record in the WWCHL tournament.

  2. The Coaching Staff is experienced and has enjoyed consistent success at the AAA, Junior and Collegiate levels in both Boys and Girls hockey in Canada and the United States – The Head Coach, Stan Weiss, is the father of 4 girls (all of them play hockey) and understands the athletic, social, and psychological differences needed to succeed in both boy’s and girl’s hockey. His forte is DEVELOPMENT. Coach Weiss takes great pride in helping his players grow exponentially as individuals and as teammates.

  3. UVU has a very liberal “Open Enrollment” academic policy for those students who may not have the credentials to gain college entrance at many/most colleges. It alsohas very attractive scholarship and Tuition “privileges” for gifted academic students - No matter what your Academic status was in High School, UVU believes you deserve to prove that you can survive and thrive in a demanding college environment. In its quest to likewise attract the gifted Academic student, it offers an impressive number of scholarships to those with a high standing.

  4. UVU is located in a very safe and supportive College-town community – Although you are from Utah, you may not know that UVU is the largest and fastest growing 4 year University in the state. It currently has 38,000 students with expectations to grow to over 45,000 within the next 5 years. It is located in Orem Utah (population just over100,000) and is a “sister city” with Provo Utah (home of BYU) which is also just over100,000 population. Combined Provo/Orem has roughly 250,000 residents with students representing just over 1⁄4 (70,000) of the base. As such, the University environment is a critical energizing force in the community. It is also a very safe community, consistently ranking in the top 25 cities over 100,000 in the United Statesfor “Safest Cities”. The most recent NICHE SAFEST CITIES IN AMERICA ranking for 2018 had PROVO/Orem as the #4 Safest city.

As you can see, UVU has a very good start in establishing a solid women’s collegiate hockeyprogram both on and off the ice. Recruiting for the 2019/20 team is now well under
way. Hopefully this letter will help you make your decision on where to play college hockey next year (or in the future) and, will persuade you to choose to become part of the UVUwomen’s hockey program.

Thank you very much for considering UVU for your athletic and academic future. I look forward to pursuing this possibility with you over the next few weeks.

To confirm your attendance at Tryouts, please register on line at: OR

text/call or email Coach Weiss at:

801-369-0101 / you soon and GOOD-LUCK!!

-Stan Weiss, Head Coach ( or Ph/txt: 801-369-0101)
-Jodi Weiss, Assistant Manager ( or Ph/txt: 801-623-0988) -Brock Roberts, Chief Recruiter ( or Ph/txt: 801-450-3127)