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BYU Hockey School

By UAHA, 07/21/15, 10:15AM MDT




Player’s Name: _____________________________________ Position_______ Player’s DOB: ___/___/___
Graduation Year:_______________
USA Hockey Registration Number: __________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________________ Phone___________________ Email ___________________________


Daytime Camper ( ) Player: $300 ( ) Goalie: $350.00 Lunch ( ) $75.00
Overnight Camper ( ) Player: $570 ( ) Goalie: $625.00 Meals: Provided

Payment Method: Total Owed: $____________

( ) Check made out to “BYU HOCKEY” (enclose with registration) ( ) BYU PayPal credit card payment (

Confirmation #:_________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Name: ____________________________________ Phone: ___________________ Email: __________________________ Emergency (during camp) Contact Information:
Name: ______________________________

Relation: _______________________ Phone:____________________



Mailing Address:

BYU HOCKEY C/O Ryan Bonham PO BOX 179
Lehi, UT 84043


Contact: Ryan Bonham (BYU Hockey GM) Email: Phone: 801-837-1601



The BYU HOCKEY SCHOOL provides a comprehensive training program designed to help young players to learn individual skills, team skills, and team strategy. Each session builds on earlier sessions and includes a blend of on-ice instruction, chalk-talk, team building activities and off-ice training. Sessions will take you systematically through the following progressions of skills:

  •   Individual Skills- Players and Goalies will be instructed through designed progression of drills, emphasizing power-skating, edge control, passing, shooting, check and puck protection.

  •   Team Skills- Emphasis will be placed on reading and reacting tech- niques as well as multiple player timing development.

  •   Team Systems- Although systems vary from team to team, we will teach the basics of breakout systems, neutral zone transitions, and offensive attack options. All drills will specifically focus on incor- porating and improving on the player’s individual skill.

  •   Mental Aspect– We firmly believe in the saying “90% mental, 10% physical” and our camp is structured around improving the player’s mental knowledge of the game. Chalk-Talks will help players expand their hockey knowledge, leadership qualities, coach -ability, and understanding the importance of “team play”.

  •   Goalie Training-We are proud to offer goalie specific training. Goalies will be instructed by experienced goalie staff on angles and positioning techniques, rebound control, movement, and puck con- trol. Included in the 12.5 hours of ice, goalies will receive over 200 on-ice minutes of goalie specific training.

  •   BYU HOCKEY Atmosphere- Experience BYU’s great campus life, receive instruction from current and former BYU players and coaching staff, and use of the BYU locker room during the camp.

  •   Head Instructors- High coach-to-player ratio. Receive instruction from current BYU coaching staff. Coaching staff is composed of experience teachers of the game with countless on-ice instruction experience.


12.5 hours of on-ice instruction
Experience the BYU HOCKEY atmosphere
1-on-1 instruction from BYU HOCKEY players and coach-

ing staff

Improve Speed and Agility
Special Lectures on hockey nutrition, workouts, and what it

takes to be a Collegiate Hockey Player at BYU

Increase Strength and Explosiveness
High coach-to-player ratio
Enhance Individual and Team Skills
Learn strategy and basic fundamentals through Chalk-Talks Build long lasting friendships

Learn off-ice drills to be used at home Learn proper Skating Technique
BYU practice jersey
2002 Olympic Hockey Venue

Daily Schedule

  •   Sign In (Monday Only): 8:00am to 8:20am

  •   Ice Time #1: 9:00am to 10:15am

  •   Off-ice Training: 10:45am to 11:45am

  •   Lunch: 12:00pm to 12:30pm

  •   Chalk-Talk: 12:45pm to 1:30pm

  •   Ice Time #2: 2:15pm to 3:30pm

  •   Overnight Campers: Additional information will be

    provided that outlines night-time schedules.