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Girls Hockey

By UAHA, 12/05/15, 4:00PM MST


Hello Parents and Girls Hockey Players,

My name is Jae and I am the Hockey Programs Manager at the Utah Olympic Oval.

Shannon with Utah High School Hockey has given me the contact info for over 40 players to see if we can make this high school girls program happen.


So far out of all those contact I have only had commitment from 5 players! Come on now we can do better than that for girls hockey!

I need commitments from at least 15 skaters and 1 goalie to make this team happen.

Here is what you need to know about the program:

*The girls will be playing games in the Oval Women’s Rookie League, as of right now we have 3 teams. I would like to form a 4th team from this group of girls and add them to the schedule.

*The team will be called the Wildcats and the Oval will provide the jerseys.

*Game slots are going to be Tuesday 830 PM and Friday 730 PM as of right now we are looking to do just Tuesday for the Wildcats until the High School Season is over.

*If we can pull a team together the season will run December to the end of March. (Playoffs possibly first of April depending on how many teams we have.)

*I am happy to honor the same price High School Hockey had for this program at $120 for the entire season!

*We will have quality coaching during practice times from former women college athletes and currant Utah Grizzlies players as guest coaches.

This program offers an opportunity for our girls to grow and develop in a safe environment outside of boys hockey. Our goal is to provide a good home for those players that may fall out of love with the sport of hockey starting at the bantam check age all the way through high school. The state of Utah has lost far too many girls hockey players because they have not been placed in a good recreation environment with other girls and women players.

As I stated before we need about 15 skaters and 1-2 goalies to make the Wildcats team happen, here is what we need to do:

*I want commitments.

If we are going to order jerseys and change the schedule I want to know that we can pull this team together. Contact me by email or phone.

*I need all players to email me the USA Hockey registration confirmation for the participants.

*The Utah Grizzlies and Game Gear are our the official sponsors of our league. I have attached a picture of the awesome jerseys that Game Gear has designed for us.

Please send me what jersey size you would like.

*As soon as I can get enough commitments I can rework the schedule to include the Wildcats.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Jae Worthen

Hockey Programs Manager

T 801.963.7107

C 801.638.1688 <>