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Policy and Procedure Draft

By UAHA, 02/14/17, 1:45PM MST


Notice to Utah Hockey Associate Members

The UAHA Board of Directors has published to its website, a draft of pending new Policies and Procedures. You are highly encouraged to review them and provide any comments you may have. Please review for content. The document still needs to be formatted. The document may be found at  Comments may be submitted to:

               Kathleen Smith, UAHA President @, or

               Derrick Radke, VP Girls/Women @, or your own Section VP.

Written Comments are due on or before Mach 3, 2017. The comments and proposed Policies and Procedures will be reviewed and possibly adopted at the March meeting of the UAHA BOD scheduled for 7:00 pm, March 7th, 2017, at the Utah Olympic Oval Conference Room, 5662 Cougar Lane, Salt Lake City, UT  84118.

Please help us make this document the best it can be.

Thank you,

Utah Amateur Hockey