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UAHA Policy and Procedures Draft – April 21, 2017

By UAHA, 04/28/17, 8:45AM MDT


April 1, 2017

As your organization moves forward with planning for the 2017-2018 season, please be advised that the Utah Amateur Hockey Association Board of Directors is currently in the process of updating its Policies and Procedures. A part of this process will include the annual approval of new and existing organizations, AND new and existing teams that will be allowed to form teams within Utah. The UAHA Board has already designated Organizations and Teams for the Tier level of hockey (Tier I and Tier II). Over the next month or so, UAHA will be doing the same thing for ALL House/Rec level teams. Within the next few weeks, all Organizations will receive a request from UAHA to submit applications for the teams the organization may wish to field.

UAHA believes that there are too many teams at the mid to upper level at some age groups. This is diluting the talent levels and making it difficult to even have enough players to form teams. This is contrary to USA Hockey’s recommended Development Pyramid. UAHA met with the Youth Committee, primarily the URHL so far, to develop the policies to help Utah grow youth hockey in our state. If you want to be part of the process, please watch the UAHA agendas on the UAHA website for upcoming meetings where Policies and Procedures is on the agenda.

Many Organizations have started advertising tryouts. Please understand that just because you advertise the tryout, does not necessarily mean that you will be able to field these teams.

Respectively Submitted,

UAHA Board of Directors