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Welcome to the website of the Wasatch Ice Hockey Officials Association

Wasatch Ice Hockey Officials Association (WIHOA) is the sanctioned officiating organization of the Utah Amateur Hockey Association (UAHA) and both organizations are committed to the growth and progressive development of officiating here in Utah.

This report is designed to gather information about the over 100 registered officials in Utah. Please use this form to report any outstanding officials and also those who are not so qualified in your opinion.

Officials are charged with the general supervision of the game, this includes conduct before and after the games they officiate. In the same manner, officials conduct, before, during and after each game must also be held accountable.

Your comments should report about actions that officials engage in that affect the games you observe in either an adverse or positive manner.

What this means is, if your team loses by one goal and you think the official made a poor call….this is many times not a relevant point, unless the official misinterpreted a Playing Rule. On the other hand, you see an official who is extraordinary in his or her efforts or you observe an official who displays poor conduct – these are items we need to know about.

WIHOA, UAHA and USA Hockey appreciate your help and input so that we can work together to improve communication and education. Your information will be reviewed by volunteers who donate their efforts to support hockey here in Utah.

All information will be reviewed. Information that is sent in with proper contact information will be replied to within 7 days. Information that is submitted may lead to an investigation by the WIHOA Disciplinary Committe.

Information should have as much detail as possible.

Thank you for your interest in Our Game.