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Fee Assistance News

The UAHA Fee Assistance Program is closed for the 2021-2022 season. The application period is now closed. Awards have been made for all but up to three additional awards. There are sufficient current applications to make the final awards. Notice will start going out to the applicants and check should start flowing to Organizations soon after. Thanks to everyone participating.

New Amendment to the UAHA Policies and Procedures - Rosters

Member Association Requirements  

A member association… 

Criteria for existing member associations:… 

8. Registration. The team roster registration forms (1-T) for each approved UAHA team shall be  completed and forwarded to the Utah Registrar for approval prior to any games being played by the  team to be rostered. The team roster registration form (1-T) shall not be effective until the date it is approved by the Utah Registrar through the USA Hockey portal. Sanctions for non-compliance shall be  as follows: 

• 1st offence = One game suspension of Head Coach (responsible for ensuring the roaster is  correct, even though the organization may be to blame for not submitting the roaster) • 2nd Offence = 3 game suspension of Head Coach and an Official Sanction letter that the program  is not is good standing with UAHA  • 3rd Offence = Suspension of program until 100% compliant and certified as such by the Utah  Registrar 

Utah Registrar may request any game score sheet from any organization at any time to determine  compliance with this rule. Failure to comply will result in an Official Sanction letter that the program  is not is good standing with UAHA. Failure to comply after a second request shall result in  suspension of program until request is honored.

This rule is effective immediately. 


NEW! UAHA COVID Guidelines now posted on the COVID TAB.

USA Hockey Coaching Certification Changes and Opportunities for 2020-2021